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Scarf Mousey VIP Membership

Join the inner circle of Scarf Mousey enthusiasts with our VIP Membership, where the magic of creativity and comfort awaits you! For just $25 a month, immerse yourself in a world of exclusive perks, limited edition treasures, and member-only discounts.

What's Included:

  1. Exclusive Limited Edition Products: Gain access to purchase our most coveted limited edition Scarf Mousey products before anyone else. From special apparel releases to collectible accessories, you'll be first in line to add these unique treasures to your collection.

  2. Random Scarf Mousey Merch: Every month, receive a surprise Scarf Mousey merchandise item delivered straight to your door. From adorable plush toys to stylish accessories, each piece is a delightful addition to your Scarf Mousey collection.

  3. Member Only Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers on Scarf Mousey products, available only to VIP members. Whether you're stocking up on your favorites or discovering something new, save big with our member-exclusive deals.

  4. Free Shipping: Be treated like the VIP you are with FREE SHIPPING on all orders for the life of your membership.

How It Works:

Upon purchasing the VIP Membership, you'll receive a personalized membership card and access to our VIP specials on the Scarf Mousey website. Here, you'll find details about upcoming limited edition releases, member-exclusive discounts, and more. Plus, keep an eye on your mailbox for monthly surprises!

Join the Team:

Become a Scarf Mousey VIP member today and unlock a world of exclusive perks, surprises, and savings. With your membership, you'll not only be part of our creative journey but also enjoy the comfort and joy of Scarf Mousey all year round.

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